Monday, September 15, 2014

Proudly serving Harnett, Johnston, Sampson, Cumberland & Lee Counties
North Carolina

Store Hours: Monday Thru Friday 8am to 5pm



Charles Tart Propane, Inc.Charles Tart Propane, Inc. was founded in September of 2003.

Charles Tart has been working in the propane industry since his teens, starting out in a family run operation – later working for larger corporations.  Over the years he has attained extensive knowledge pertaining to the propane industry.  His first hand experience aids his ability to keep his company running smooth.  Always striving to treat his customers the way he would want to be treated himself. You can rely on Charles Tart Propane to provide you with professional service & delivery. You won’t be just a number, Charles will make sure of it. Charles doesn’t agree with the distance that large corporations put between them and their clients. He wants something different for his company. This business owner vows to operate his company with a different approach…

Quality while keeping prices as low as possible, and efficiency without ignoring his clients.

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