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Proudly serving Harnett, Johnston, Sampson, Cumberland & Lee Counties
North Carolina

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Propane Exceptional Energy
National Propane Gas Association
North Carolina Propane Gas Association

Benson Area Chamber of Commerce
Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce
Charles Tart Propane, Inc. is a proud member of
National Propane Gas Association, North Carolina Gas Association,
Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce &
Benson Area Chamber of Commerce.



Propane Delivery

Residential, Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial Propane Delivery
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Need a Refill?

Come by Charles Tart Propane & fill up for a lot less than the current cylinder exchange rates!

Need a Refill?


Heatmaster     Empire Heating Systems    The Holland Grill
Wilmington Grill     Martin Hearth and Heating

Please see the Products page for information on each of the brands above.


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